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Innovative Solutions in Neurointerventional Devices

About Ceretrieve

Ceretrieve Ltd. is at the forefront of addressing the ever-growing need for innovation and effectiveness in the Neurointerventional devices market. With a mission centered around improving patient outcomes and providing physicians with advanced devices, Ceretrieve focuses on enhancing interventional device maneuverability, stability, reliability, and overall performance. The company is actively developing a comprehensive range of devices, including distal access catheters, thrombectomy devices, and related accessories.

Neurointerventional Devices Reinvented

In collaboration with leading physicians, we at Ceretrieve stride to identify the challenges related to the current standard of care and to which, each device we develop is meticulously designed to address. By prioritizing advancements that directly tackle these challenges, Ceretrieve aims to contribute significantly to the improvement of neurointerventional procedures and ultimately enhance the quality of patient care.

About Us

About Us

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